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BF3 now hopeless

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Noting that I only play conquest mode, here's the state of the game.

Active players base:

-low with noticeable presence of trolls and cheaters.


-very limited choice of server with enough players for a round when you want to play a match.

-C2C, the last of my favorite left, sit mostly empty. Admin is present from time to time, but
server command like votekick are disable now.

-Admin wise, most servers are now left to their own device (with votekick disabled even).

In short, as an experience player it's now very hard to find a good match. Team balance is a
problem, and the presence of disruptive players make it unenjoyable. Last active admin I
came across was name Vinny and after playing a few weeks on his server, doing what I can
for team balance, he ended up kicking me out last night with stated reason: fuk u (best guest
I killed him too often that match and pissed him off).

This game has nothing to offer me now and was uninstalled.



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That is always unfortunate. When our favorite games lose player count, server, developer coverage, and everything else that comes with age. BF3 will always be special for me as it really ushered me to more modern games following Battlefield 2. In that - I prepped by building my own desktop for it and everything - previously only purchased ready made computers.
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