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As a dedicated AA user, I focus on the sky targets, and on this particular Zavod match, I noticed Boufballe teleporting to the enemy helicopter, and then the match ended.

The admins that were on left after the match, and we jumped on Golmud Railway, where I hopped into spectator mode and recorded this video of him doing his dastardly deed.

He may not ever rejoin, but in the case that he ever does, I'd like to point out all the obvious hacks he has been utilizing these past games.
Also another thing, I did not expect my personal music to be recorded so mute the video.



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Thank you so much for taking the time to not only record and follow the hacker. But to come on here and report him. He will be added to ban list as soon as possible.

Apologies for no admin at the time. Must have been late at night as I went to bed around 11:30est last night. But it's always great that we have players who care like yourself to help us maintain our server.

Thank you so much again!
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I'll take a look at this guy when I get home this afternoon, and deal with it accordingly.

Thanks for the Intel on him!!!

************************* U P D A T E *************************

As promised, I took a look.

BF4DB has him listed as Banned, so that's good enough for me.  He is also lit up like a Christmas tree on 247Fairplay aka CheatDetector.

So, he won't be playing here no more.  Permanent ban issued.  (and it doesn't help that he's a Frog {French})

https://i-stats.net/...ub=Check Player



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