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Lack of players on LKG server?

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Wasn't quite sure where to post this, but it seems as though, almost all the time, the server is empty or 4-6 players on with nobody joining.

I don't quite know how different rconnect is from Xbox server setups, but I was wondering if changing the server type from "Ranked" to "Official" would help boost players joining, and if it were possible to change it from "Official" back to "Ranked" at the end of each round like it is on console.

I love the server, a lot of great players all-around, but it seems to be dead a lot, if not all the time, I check it.



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With the player count overall going down ; I would be open to this - even if we only do it on days that are most difficult to fill the server (Monday-Thursday). I am not sure how easily we can switch from official to ranked; it may require a server reset to do so which would kick a full server out, but maybe most people will just rejoin immediately after.

I know some folks around here are hesitant because we will have no rule, kick, ban, etc.. control. But we can take names down for the worse offenders and add them to the list when we go back to ranked
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