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LKG Members,

  Welcome to H1z1 after last night’s meeting Dec 22,2016  we have decided to expand even further into other games. We are mostly known for are Battlefield servers but we are much more than that as a lot of are members play a variety of games outside of battlefield.
  H1z1 is a game that has two parts to it. Just Survive and King Of The Kill both of which are centered around the same engine but have different game types. Just Survive is a open world zombie survival game which can only be described as terrifying with its massive world and huge towns and of course zombies it's is a great game played solo or with a team.
   Now onto King Of The Kill the second part of H1z1 KotK is a open world survival game in which the player is to find gear staying in the safe zone that is marked on the map and most of all kill all other players whether you're running with a team or solo KotK motto is (kill or be killed).
   Both games are great in there own ways both with their ups and downs as H1z1 is still in alpha stages both are fun and highly addictive and is a great game for your casual gamer or your true hardcore gamers. H1z1 has a huge supportive community behind the game and is super big in the public with all that being said we can only hope for great things to come with this gaming.

To any new players or fellow LKG member/Recruits looking to play the game with friends please be on the look out for the following players.

Str8_Wired aka Soflyjoker

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