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Little something I am working on

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Hey everyone.
I hope your new years is going good.

Here is a link to a world save.

When you click it it will open a new tab, in the middle of the tab at the top is a down arrow. Click that to download
The world save.  Place this in your C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves folder.
Or where ever it happens to be.  Unzip the file, and then you can explore the world that I created the Display in.
Then load MC and explore that world in single player.
climb to the top of the rig and flip the switch.


This world showcases the design of a redstone lamp digital display used as a sign.
I have included all design aspects used in a separate area complete with books explaining how and why I did what I did.
In some cases I included why not to do something.

Did I mention this shit is programmable?

This was created using un-moddified minecraft version 1.8.9  (compatible with all 1.8 versions)

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Nice. Will definitely check it out

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