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Greetings from Ft. Riley Ks.  I am here to appeal to your good nature and ask that you remove my ban.  I will try to keep my language in check (it's hard as I am a Soldier,  a tanker at that) and I will refrain from shooting anybody in their uncap base.  I have the greatest time on your server and always seem to do really well as I have such a great ping with ya'll.  
Thank you for this consideration


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Hello Tombstone! Thank you for taking the time to create an account and file an appeal!

Unless I stand corrected, I do not see your name on the Ban List, likely meaning that your ban was a round ban.

Please keep in mind, we do have a chat filter in place. Use of words such as Fag / faggot if used twice in a short period of time I believe will result in a kick or possibly a round ban. Use of more serious words such as the "N" word or racist language will result in an instant round ban.

We do this to help provide a clean playing environment for our player-base especially the younger population.

Try to join our server again, and if for some reason it still won't let you join, just comment here asking for help!

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you in our server soon!
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Tombstone, I issued a round-ban against you for your previous use of homophobic language yesterday, acknowledging that we have a chat filter which you seem to try to get around by spacing out your language, and your baserape today (12/22/15).  These actions display a flagrant disregard for our server rules and will not be tolerated.

I hope this serves as a warning that you will heed.  The next time I see anything like this, the ban will be a permanent one.  I hate to do this but you left us little choice.


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