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Fall Update - Patch Notes

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Dont forget to go into origin and "buy" befor u can play it :P



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AIR VEHICLE CHANGES General: Below Radar Previously there was no reason to fly at low altitudes in air vs air combat, as flying low only prevented the player from aiming upwards. It was also extremely hard to avoid lock-ons from enemy aircraft, as they could chase you and physical cover barely helped against enemies above you.  Allowing to trade altitude for not being lockable solves this. Also creates a distinctive downside to passive radar: Your target going low will mean the missiles cannot track anymore!
 Below Radar has been enabled on all air vehicles – this means locks on your aircraft can not be completed when below a certain height!  Below radar triggers below 25m for helicopters and below 50m for jets  Affects all vehicle based AA missiles, but none of the infantry based ones – watch the ground for stinger wielding infantry!


Removed the ability to use lock-on launchers in vehicles (dumb-fire launchers is still allowed). Vehicles are supposed to be able to get away from infantry, this was made nigh impossible when engineers could use lock-on launches from vehicles. E !

Smoke grenades now block FLIR/IRNV
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