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FinalMouse - The end-all mouse (from what I've seen)


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So I just learned about this mouse last night, and conveniently I have a $50 Amazon gift card (they sell the mouse on Amazon). Anyways, let me tell you about how this mouse works.

You can see this all on the website too, just in case.

So first off, this mouse is very simple to use. You have the two side buttons and a middle button that changes the DPi (400, 800, 1600,3200). It's also really lightweight, at 74 grams. I could get really technical, but I'll spare you that and just say go to the website for the technical stuff, and I'll just dumb it down.

It's got a really good sensor without any accel, prediction, snapping, and some high track speed, therefore making the mouse feel really accurate.

The grip on the mouse fits all the mouse grip styles - claw, palm, and hybrid, along with being lightweight as I said earlier and balanced.

It's also very durable and can last a really long time.

I'm buying this mouse and the majority of reviews say that this mouse is amazing. On amazon, most people give 5 stars, and one website gave it either a 9.7 or 9.5, I'm not sure. But this mouse can take my money and become a part of my setup.
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Seems to be a solid mouse but that LED sensor turns me off. Plus I just bought an EVGA Torq X5 and didn't have more than $60 to spend.

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