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Battlefield 4 server owners planning shutdown in protest

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Battlefield 4 server owners plan to shut down their servers tomorrow, January 3rd, in protest against several issues they have against DICE and the way BF4 game servers are managed.

The coalition, which includes some 50 clans and server owners, have posted a number of issues they have with game servers today. Chief among those is that “DICE plays politics with ranked servers”, bad communication between DICE and server owners, and that DICE releases hidden patches.
Other issues they raise include:
  • Patch notes that come too late
  • Strict server restrictions
  • Not enough is done to combat cheating
  • Patches are released with no warning or notifications
  • No control on number of vehicles/classes/weapons per match
Some of these complaints are quite understandable. However, other claims, such as the server admins wanting to control how many vehicles there are in matches, or limiting certain classes, goes against what Battlefield really is. There’s a reason why ranked servers all have to follow certain guidelines: so that all players are on equal ground.
We’ll see how the server shutdown affects the community and how DICE responds.
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