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Low-Key Gaming Newsletter Vol. 15 – Nov. 26th, 2014 Long Overdue Edition

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Low-Key Gaming

Vol. 15 – Nov. 26th, 2014

Long Overdue Edition

Current Affairs

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. –Mark Twain. It has been a long while since the last edition of the newsletter has been published. With the main contributor, MotherMan, getting a new job, his time has been focused elsewhere. A lot has happened in the past few months. We have seen members come and go; games be released and discarded; and things change and also remain the same. Low-Key Gaming is continuing to progress towards the future. Currently we are all coming up with new ideas to differentiate the clan/community experience to make it more enjoyable for everyone. Low-Key Gaming is going to continue its tradition of being a place for friends to play games together and to escape the stress of day-to-day monotony. We hope we can count on you to continue to stop by and game alongside us. Because without members like you, we are not as great as we can be.

New Leadership Structure

Leadership is going to be adjusted *slightly* in how it is organized at Low-Key Gaming. Below is the tiered structure:

LKG Full Member
The basic standing at Low-Key Gaming, but also one of its core groups. These are the people we are looking to satisfy the most. The largest group, this bloc represents the player looking to simply hang with friends, game, and have a good time. At this rank you gain access to the member section in our forums. You also gain the distinction of being able to wear the [LKG] tags in game. Not to mention access to our events, giveaways, and raffles. These members are expected to play along with us and to be on teamspeak and the forums regularly.

The Administrator is for those members who want to provide more help in maintaining Low-Key Gaming’s in-game integrity. They are tasked with basic quality control in the servers to keep out exploiters, hackers, rule breakers, and general nuisances. They know the rules of our servers and community and will share and execute those rules to LKG Full Members and the public at large. Administrators also gain access to the admin section of the forums.

Head Administrator
The Head Administrators are the key to maintaining order in the community. They oversee the Administrators and LKG Full Members to make sure nothing does not get out of hand. If there is a question in administrative duties in game, on the forums, or on teamspeak; the head administrator has the authority to execute a solution. The Head Administrator also is in charge of reviewing individuals who are looking to become members or Administrators. They review candidate’s characteristics and behaviors and determine if they are fit for their respective roles. Lastly, Head Administrators also participate in leadership meetings to help structure the community and build new ways to make Low-Key Gaming more fun and entertaining.

The Board
This role is the highest rank at Low-Key Gaming and is the smallest body. Their job is to overlook all the happenings of the community to make sure everything is running smoothly for everyone. These individuals are those who have been a part of Low-Key Gaming for an extended amount of time, if not from the beginning. Their end goal is always the community, never self-fulfilling. They have the ability to make final decisions on any problem or situation that they believe is best for the community. They are to listen to the opinions of all members and take everyone’s ideas into consideration.

Moving Forward

As stated at the beginning of this edition, we are continuing to improve and grow. We are going to have more regular events and will continue to play together nightly. We are also taking inventory of what members are looking to play with Low-Key Gaming. From this inventory we will decide what servers will be both enjoyed by our members and feasible to maintain. In the meantime we are creating lists on our forums of servers members like to play on. These lists are intended to make it simpler for our members to play together. Follow the link to see what server members are playing and to throw your favorite server into the ring: http://forums.low-ke...vorite-servers/

For the most up to date information on Low-Key Gaming’s goings, follow us on social media and the forums. Also come onto teamspeak regularly.
Enjoy Your Thanksgiving to all of our American members!

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