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Message to our younger members and extended community

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To those under 18 in the community,

It has come to the boards attention that some of your behavior has been found distracting, disruptive, and plain ol' annoying. This message should serve as a reminder that you are in here because exceptions were made to allow you here. It should be viewed as a privilege that you are with us. Low-Key Gaming has established a rule that prohibits those under 18 from joining the community, barring extenuating circumstances.  

So whether you are in game, on teamspeak, or even on the forums; please perform with increased levels of maturity. You are here because you have shown that you break the stereotype linking age to behavior, do not disappoint us. If a fellow community member, LKG member, or admin asks you to knock something off, in TS, game, or on the forums, your best course of action should be to respectfully acknowledge and adhere to their request. Remember, you are on a short rope because you are a product of rule exception, so it is in your best interest to listen to superiors.  If ever you feel that their request is inappropriate (e.g. an admin is over stepping their authority) you can bring the issue up with a Head Admin or Board Member.

With this being said, we do value your continued commitment to the community. We value what you add to the Low-Key experience and we wish you all have a long lasting relationship with us.
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