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Low-Key Gaming Newsletter Vol. 14 – Mar. 28th, 2014

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Low-Key Gaming

Vol. 14 – Mar. 28th, 2014

Event Heads Up

One year ago this upcoming Tuesday, a spontaneous event was held to prank Delta by changing all of our screen names and professing all of our love for trains. The event was a success and received many laughs and praise from all parties involved (well maybe not Delta). The event was so popular it actually won the LKG Award for best event of the year.  In honor of last year’s success, a new regular event will be held. So mark it down on your calendar to see what might occur all day next Tuesday. There will be some giveaways, laughs, and loads of fun!

Naval Strike for PC Postponed

EA/DICE has decided to delay the release of the most recent Battlefield 4 DLC, Naval Strike, because they felt it was not ready for consumption. Although the delay is disappointing, it will be better received when we receive a higher quality product.  Many members are excited for the new maps, vehicles, guns, and the highly anticipated carrier assault game mode (akin to 2142’s Titan mode). Right now EA/DICE is looking at an early April release, granted that there are no other hold ups in the development.

Recruitment Raffle Last Days

The recruitment based raffle being hosted by Delta is reaching completion. Drawing is slated for April 1st, giving you just a few days to try and receive an additional raffle ticket. The prize is a pair of ASTRO A40 headset. Information can be found on our forums here:  http://forums.low-ke...fle/#entry10142

Board and Head Admin Meeting

A Board and Head Admin meeting is scheduled for Sunday March 30th at 5PM EST. Respective members please make the effort to attend. From this meeting we hope to establish a community wide meeting scheduled for some time early April.

Quidditch World Cup
(Message from MotherMan)

As many of you know I play the full contact, extremely athletic, co-ed sport of Quidditch. I know some have of you have made some jokes, I mean come on its god damn Harry Potter, but I know that you guys fully support me and my athletic endeavors. I saw this most clearly with all of your strong support both verbally and financially when I was seeking out a way to attend the World Cup in Myrtle Beach April 5th and 6th. I can never thank you guys enough for what you did for me, all I can do is play my heart out and hit nerds harder than ever before.  As some of my biggest fans, I would like to invite you all to watch me play live Saturday April 5th at 10:20 AM EST. My team (NYDC Capitalists) will be playing the Santa Barbra Black Tips on livestream for all to see. The link for the live stream is here (http://new.livestrea...quidditch/wcvii) I will post this again closer to World Cup because I am excited for you all to see exactly what I do on the field. Thank you all again, you are amazing!

Low Key Welcomes New Members
Eddorama, Komnys, Mudturlin, Sumadartson16, Chazz2009, PC Gamer 753, and Brick93

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