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Feed The Beast Installation Guide

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FTB and Direwolf20

Installation Guide

Guide Use:   Click "Show" to reveal images showing exactly what you need to do.

First, you'll need the FTB Launcher. (The links will initiate a download from www.feed-the-beast.com)
Launcher: .EXE  (pick this for Windows)  Launcher .JAR (pick this for Linux) Launcher .ZIP (pick this fo MAC OSX)

  • Launch the launcher...
  • Make sure you update to the latest launcher, it will ask.
  • Create a profile with your Mojang account like normal Minecraft.

    Fun Fact: If you like to play different versions of FTB you can create different profiles that have different versions associated with them.
  • Click the "Options" tab at the top.

  • Set the directory to install FTB to.(Usually it is a bad idea to put it in your vanilla MC folder.)

  • Select how much ram you would like to reserve for your game. ( I recommend 4gb)
  • This is optional and some info is Java version dependent.
  • Click on "Modpacks" at the top.
  • Click on the DireWolf20 (v1.02) Minecraft version 1.7.10 Resurrection 1.0.0
  • There is a dropdown menu labeled  "Recommended" at the top of the launcher, select 1.0.2
  • Click "Edit modpack" at the top under the tabs. Enable all mods except Opis.(should already be disabled)

The IP for our FTB server is:

!!The Server Is Not Officially Open Yet!!

However for the next day or so it will be open while bugs are worked out

The World WILL RESET once opened to public.

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Server is currently running Resurrection version 1.0.0    RESURRECTION TAKES A LONG TIME TO LOAD SO BE PATIENT.

Seems stable at the moment.

If any errors please post them.  If possible a screen shot.
Try to post exactly what you were doing and how the server was acting if there is a server or client crash.
Include the approximate time of the problem.

Example:  Server Crashed:  error IOexception Java lang not found.
I was milking a cow and a creeper exploded behind me., it was about 5 am.

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