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Low-Key Gaming Newsletter Vol. 13 – Feb. 26th, 2014

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Low-Key Gaming

Vol. 13 – Feb. 26th, 2014

Low-Key Gaming Cruises to Victory in Friendly with FNF

On Saturday, February 22nd, Low-Key Gaming and FoxnFriends (http://foxnfriends.com) organized a series of games played on Low-Key’s Battlefield 4 servers in the spirit of friendly competition. Over 20 players from each community came together and set the stage for an all-out war game experience like no other.  The following summary comes from FNF member 5dollar, posted on their community site

“…The map rotation was Paracel Storm, Hainan Resort, Zavod 311 and Siege of Shanghai, with a Tie Breaker on Operation Locker (best 3 of 4).
FNF started off strong on Paracel, taking a short 35-45 ticket lead but then LKG got their feet under them and crushed FNF in the air and water, disabling us from effectively using our assets. FNF wasn't using enough locking launchers to be able to defend against them.
We moved on to Hainan Resort, where FNF again took an early lead and kept it through out the map. The ending result was FNF winning by a short ticket count (40 I think? I honestly don't remember) - LKG took out both sides of the building early on, creating lots of extra openings on the upper level of the Bravo objective, but FNF held strong keeping A & B tied down for majority of the map.

Our third map was Zavod 311, where LKG took the lead early on and kept it through the map. LKG pounded FNF with Armor for majority of the map, while FNF tried to put pressure down from the air, in addition to scrambling to keep the inner objectives controlled through the lower tunnel system. LKG pushed through this defense and put the hammer down, pushing FNF out of Bravo & Charlie, ultimately winning the round for themselves.

We then moved on to Seige of Shanghai. LKG took a DEEP lead off the start, controlling the Bravo tower early on. FNF took it from them a few times but ultimately They kept the Charlie Mall & Bravo building under control, pushing FNF back with Scout Chopper fire & MRAP pressure. FNF tried to continually gain control of the Bravo building but were repeatedly shut down by infantry ground & pound. LKG won the final round by 300+ tickets…”

We look forward to future community duels in the future with FNF and other communities. A special thank you to all who took time to organize the event and to all who participated in it.

Recruitment Based Raffle V2.0

Just like the recruitment event held last October, Low-Key Gaming will be holding another raffle encouraging members to make new friend and to bring old friends into the Low-Key Gaming Community.  The prize this time around is an ASTRO A40 headset! We saw a huge success with the last recruitment raffle, and we expect the same this time around. Rules as posted by Board Member Delta: “New raffle is underway. I have a pair of ASTRO A40's to give out. Brand new 2013 edition with all the good shit to go with it.
Anyone who recruits a player for any game gets one ticket. Drawing will be filmed like last time with the 760 GTX.
The recruited player must be confirmed and have zero issues during recruitment process. We are looking for 18+ as always.. MATURITY a must with our guidelines..
1 Week probation mandatory.. drawing starts April 1st
Go get em. LKG members only may take part in this raffle.”

Forum Source: http://forums.low-ke...fle/#entry10003

Psycho’s Raffle Wrap Up

Head Administrator Psycho29388 put together a raffle for members. All members had to do was to respond with their interest in the raffle in Psucho29388’s forum post and they were entered to have an opportunity to win a free copy of SimCity(2013) and Hitman: Absolution. The drawing was held February 7th with MotherMan winning SimCity and Jonnynguyen winning Hitman.

Minecraft: LKG Town!

The First few weeks of LKG Town in Minecraft have been a success! The premise of the regularly held event is that participants take on the role of being settlers to a new world. As settlers they must build the necessities of their new town (LKG Town). Here are some resources to keep you updated on the events.

Official Forum Site: http://forums.low-ke...ft-competition/

Video of events from MotherMan’s POV: https://www.youtube....f8R0wZyeJv6f2SC

Great video time-lapse by TechnoGarrett from week one:  

Low Key Welcomes New Members
Arrow1679, Yuvinmw, Sgt0pepper, Donkeyshow, RandyTheLegend, and Sotibrag

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