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Low-Key Gaming Newsletter Vol. 12 – Feb. 5th, 2014

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Low-Key Gaming

Vol. 12 – Feb. 5th, 2014

Super Bowl Boxes Raffle Results

       The Super Bowl Boxes raffle began as a spinoff raffle from the Low-Key Gaming Awards, where boxes were handed out to all those in attendance. However, many boxes were left to fill. So various small time events were coordinated the weekend before the Super Bowl to hand out the rest of the boxes. The first event was a seeding effort to get Low-Key battlefield servers running. All members who helped get the servers going were rewarded themselves with raffle tickets. That weekend Low-Key successfully had 4 Battlefield 4 servers and 1 Battlefield 3 server full and running. Although the event was a success, more than 25 boxes remained to be handed out. It was with this a second event was created to give away raffle tickets. In the spirit of the Super Bowl, a Super Bowl Trivia night was held. A crowd of about a dozen showed up to the event and the remaining of the tickets were handed out.
       Super Bowl Sunday; the boxes were completed, everyone was given their winning numbers, and all that was left was to sit back and wait for the final results of the football game! As the game approached it looked as if we would have a good game on our hands: #1 offense vs #1 defense, in the shadow of the great city of New York. But we were left with disappointment as Seattle whipped the floor with the Broncos! Although the game was not exciting to watch, we still had a winner to crown for the raffle. And the winner is….Mr10Dans! Congratulations on another raffle victory!

Psycho Raffle MANIA!

Where one raffle ends, another begins. Member Psycho29388 has put together a raffle for two game keys. One for the city builder simulator SimCity(2013) and another for the stealth action game Hitman Absolution(2012). This raffle is targeted towards members who have been regular participants to the community and have been around for some time.
The official rules from this post http://forums.low-ke...olution-raffle/ :
Here is what you need to do to qualify for the raffle:

· You must have at least 10 posts

· You must have 1 like on something you posted

· You must have a registered account older than one month.

· You need to post in this thread atleast once.

Each post in this thread counts as an entry. You may post once every 24 hours to increase your chances of winning. If a winning post is not 24 hours apart from the last post, he/she will be disqualified and I will pick a new winner for that key.
For each post, you need to list the game you want and the number of the post, for example:

"I'm in for Hitman! This is my 7th post"

Low-Key Minecraft!

       Although this is no surprise to many in our community, Low-Key Gaming is now hosting its very own Minecraft server.  The server features both survival and creative play modes and has a number of plugins including: GroupManager, iConomy, Permissions, MCore, Vault, Lockette, ProtocolLib, PlayerHeads, Multiverse, AutoSaveWorld, HeroChat, mcMMO, Essentials, Factions, Citizens, and ChestShop. Ceathor is the division head admin and Co-Owner of the server, so if you have further questions on Minecraft and the server, reach out to him. You can also go onto our forums to find the IP for the server and learn more about our Minecraft server.
       As part of Minecraft becoming a growing part of the community, a new community program is in the planning stages. The premise of the program is a competitive building project of a new city within Minecraft called LKG Town.  Participants are given a specific length of time to construct a part of the city. While they are constructing we will utilize our members streaming capabilities to give viewers multiple angles of the competition at play. At the end of construction, video and photograph tours will be created and posted on the site, facebook, twitter; and the community at large will determine the winner of that particular construction. No prizes are planned as of yet, except for the satisfaction of being the best at creating quality works in a timely manner.

Daily Deals

Humble Bundle- The Humble Bundle is having a sale on the renowned strategy collection of Sid Meier games. The marquee of this bundle is the Civilization series (III, IV, V). In this series, you start a civilization from above and work through the ages to grow it through power, culture, religion, and science. Strategy and cooperation is often the key as a large map can have upwards of 10+ players. The other games in the bundle include Ace Patrol, Pacific Skies, and Railroads. Go to the HumbleBundle.com to catch this deal! Proceeds go to the nonprofit Action Against Hunger. Sale ends 2/18/14

Games We Are Playing

A revised list of games currently being supported and played by the Low-Key Gaming Community.

Battlefield 4 (5 Servers)
Battlefield 3 (1 Server)
Minecraft (1 Server)
Counter Strike: Global Offensive (1Server)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (1 Server)
World of Warcraft
PlanetSide 2
Day Z Standalone
Arma 3
League Of Legends
Dota 2

Low Key Welcomes New Members
FlufDaPan, The_Xman333, and Mace

Twitter: @lowkeygaming https://twitter.com/lowkeygaming
Facebook:  https://www.facebook...368504653209376
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Google+:  https://plus.google....363871805/posts

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