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Low-Key Gaming Newsletter Vol. 10 – Dec. 3rd, 2013

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Low-Key Gaming

Vol. 10 – Dec. 3rd, 2013

Low-Key Gaming Awards 2013!

In October, Low-Key Gaming held a community wide raffle where members earned tickets by recruiting new members. The raffle concluded with Mr10Dans being the winner of the GTX 760! For the last month of the year Low-Key Gaming is having another raffle! The prizes are yet to be determined, but they will scale based on member participation; meaning, more members – BIGGER PRIZES!
    The raffle itself is going to be an entire event dedicated to the year Low-Key had in 2013. Around New Years, an award show, (like Oscars, Golden Globes, ect.) is going to take place. The event is going to be a night of celebration, laughs, and fun as we all remember how much we have grown and experienced in 2013. And just like all other award shows there will be categories, nominations, and winners.
    So how do members win raffle tickets one asks? By simply participating a member has the opportunity to win raffle tickets. Soon, when looking at the forums you will find a list of categories and nominations for each category. With that information you will e-mail your ballot selecting the nomination you believe is the winner for each category. At the conclusion of the voting period you will receive a raffle ticket for every selection you made that ended up being the winner. Want to improve your odds? Every $5 you donate in the month of December will also give you additional raffle tickets!
    All forums and information on raffle can be found here: http://forums.low-ke...ng-awards-2013/
        The Categories!
1) Best *new* title to LKG (note this is not for 2013 releases, just new to LKG. Also no Battlefield, because come on, it would win)
2) New LKG Feature of the Year
3) Thread of the Year
4) Event of the Year
5) Member Made Video of the Year
6)Member Made Picture Submission of the year
7) Non Member made video submission of the year

Look for nominations on the fourms. Full discussion of nominations will take place there as well. Ballot entries are to be sent to MotherMan@low-key.us, One per member. Sample ballot can be found here http://forums.low-ke...ules-to-raffle/

Battlefield 4 China Rising

    The first expansion DLC for Battlefield 4 China Rising is released today for owners of Premium. The expansion includes 4 new maps: Silk Road, Altai Range, Guilin Peaks, and Dragon Pass. China Rising also brings back Air Superiority which was first seen in Battlefield 3. The dirt bike also makes a return from BF3, as well as another new vehicle: the bomber. You will also see new weapons added to the game, as well as UAV gadgets for both the support and recon class. Non Premium members have to wait until December 17th. Look for Low-Key Gaming’s China Rising server on battlelog here: http://battlelog.bat...g-1000-Tic-CHI/

Low-Key Welcomes New Members

Distuth, MrNeradar, Catzklaws, Yummyfluffy, Gnomesmasher, and GerhardGareis

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