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Low-Key Gaming Newsletter Vol. 9 – Nov. 8th, 2013

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Low-Key Gaming

Vol. 9 – Nov. 8th, 2013

Low-Key Community Meetings

Over the last two weeks Low-Key Gaming has convened multiple times to discuss a number of issues. The most important issues surrounded Battlefield 4 and community interrelationships.
In regards to Battlefield 4, it was clarified to the community that the release of Battlefield 4 has been a pretty dramatic failure. Servers are crashing regularly, not because of hardware or server side issues, but because the coding of the game itself is a jumbled mess. We have top administrators doing their best to try and keep the servers up and healthy. But until corrections are made on EA/DICE’s side, we cannot provide the same quality as we have been able to in the past. To try and remedy the issues as best we can as a community we ask for first, patience. Next, we ask for your help seeding, admining, and keeping these servers up. We are fighting an uphill battle getting our servers, service, and community recognized because of the issues from EA/DICE, with your help we can alleviate these problems. Can we count on you to make this push?
The frustration of the servers has put a lot of pressure on top administrators and has led to tensions between members of our community. In these meetings members were asked to let out their frank opinions. It was an excellent growing opportunity for our members. From this experience, members learned that if you have any sort of issue with anyone, that you are open to speak up for yourself and not have to hold yourself back. We want everyone to be comfortable being themselves and we can only do that if we have a welcoming environment, and that is what we are establishing.  All members, at any time, can voice their issues with no threat of expulsion or other repercussions. MotherMan has additionally volunteered to act as intermediary in any sort of dispute or complaint if one is ever to be made.

Low-Key Gaming Welcomes New Members!

Members accepted this week: SJK132, Finalbossasaurus, DutchMasterKill, Magnavox24, Doctor_Citrus, Spectre_Nick, StealtninjaAP, Sluntchop, and Rabidbasher!

EA pushed Battlefield 4 through quality control to beat Call of Duty
by BF4Central.com


Excerpts: “According to a QA tester at DICE, EA pushed the game through the quality control and testing phase in order to beat Call of Duty Ghosts to market. The quality control team at DICE simply did not have enough time to test all the features, vehicles, weapons, etc.”

“The reason all of this [crashes,bugs, ect] is happening points to EA, the parent company of DICE. In their quest to beat Call of Duty to the market, they released a broken game.”

Join our conversation on our forums at http://forums.low-ke...t-call-of-duty/

Daily Deals

The Humble Bundle- https://www.humblebundle.com/ Our favorite charity sale is at it again this week, currently offering six fantastic titles. The first two titles are the first two of the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham(Asylum, City) series. Note: City requires you to pay above the average donation (Currently $4.64). Two more titles in the bundle are the horror last two titles of the F.E.A.R trilogy. To round out the bundle Lord of the Rings: War of the North; and if you pay above average Scribblenauts Unlimited. Deal ends November 19th.

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