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Low-Key Gaming Newsletter Vol. 4 – Sept. 14th, 2013

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Low-Key Gaming


Vol. 4 – Sept. 14th, 2013

Low-Key.us Site Upgrades

  Low-Key Gaming Webmaster, Ex3narc, has been hard at work putting in additional features and improving upon the Low-Key.us website. The first improvement one notices is the new look tool bar on the home screen. The bar has been made sleeker and now includes a slider which is both attractive and useful because it allows the user to see that the icons are responding.
  A more informative addition to the website is a community roster found off the members tab on the tool bar. In this roster section one can look and see who is a member of the community, where they stack up in terms of rank, and what their responsibilities are in the community.  The different breakdowns in the roster are: The Board, Webmaster, Division Head Admin, Head Administrator, Head Media Officer, and LKG Full Member. Each section is also fully alphabetized so one can easily find the member they are looking for.
  Ex3narc also added a new feature to increase the level of communication between the members of the community. On the forums page, a shout box has been added. The shout box allows members to communicate by text on the website. This could be useful for members to catch up on things or to share information with each other when they are unable to be on TeamSpeak.  So far the shout box has seen jokes between members, website updates from Ex3narc, and even TheLeadWall asking “what should I eat for dinner?” We can expect more useful announcements in the future with information such as server issues and warnings of renegade hackers.
  The final major addition to Low-Key.us, is the addition of an arcade. In the arcade there are currently 20 games. Each game is fairly simple, where most computers and browsers can play them. The addition of the arcade gives members another thing to do on the website when they are bored, seeding the server, or at work. Each game also records members player scores so increased competition amongst the community can take place to find “who is the best arcade player?” The arcade can be found on the top tool bar after entering the forum page.
  Thank you Ex3narc for all the work you do for the community as Webmaster. We look forward to all the additions and tweaks you will make in the future to get this website into the most functional, informative, and entertaining platform.

Daily Deals

Newegg- Newegg is having an “end of summer blowout sale.” Many items are up for sale, with Newegg promising deals as good as 77% off. The sale can be viewed by going to Newegg.com and clicking the “Latest Email Deals” tab at the top. Here are a few standouts after a quick review of some parts and peripherals at the sale: Cooler Master V850 Modular Power Supply ($109.99 with rebate and promo code EMCXLWV236) $80 off, ASUS GTX 660 Ti Graphics Card ($199.49 with rebate and promo code EMCXLWV39) $80 off, Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB Gaming Headset ($59.99) $40 off.  For those looking to take your gaming on the go with a new laptop, this sale also offers the Lenovo Idea Pad Y500 ($799.99 with promo code PC20EB912) $200 off. Much of this sale includes free shipping which will save you even more money. Sale ends 9/18/2013

Humble Bundle- This week the Humble Bundle is offering a collection of “Retro Shooters” in their pay what you like charity fundraiser. The games included are Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, Shadow Warrior: Classic Redux, and the infamous classic Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition. Pay more than the average set by previous purchasers and you will be rewarded for your generosity with two more titles: Hard Reset: Extended Edition, and the highly decorated horror shooter System Shock 2. So donate to charity and receive some of the greatest shooters of yesteryear. Sale ends 9/19/2013
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